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Hide My Ass is the most popular personal VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.  The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom.  This may scare some VPN users who regard the UK as having a less than stellar track record in regards to protecting Internet liberty and helping users remain anonymous.  With the exception of the Lulzsec fiasco, where a loosely organized game of cyber criminals were committing high profile Internet crimes on a global scale, this has rarely been a problem.

What Makes Hide My Ass So Popular?

Hide My Ass offers a great combination of service and value.  They currently have over 250 VPN servers in more than 45 countries with almost 30,000 IP addresses available.  New servers, countries, and IP addresses are consistently added.  There are no bandwidth limits for customers.  The HMA Pro VPN software is highly refined, easy to use, and complimentary with subscriptions.

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The most common and practical VPN protocols are offered (PPTP and OpenVPN).  PPTP is accessible on more devices, easy to setup, and provides faster speeds than OpenVPN.  OpenVPN offers greater security enhancements.  As a rule of thumb, most people prefer to use OpenVPN on their computers while PPTP is often used on mobile devices.

Each time a user connects a new IP address is assigned to that costumer.  This helps increase the anonymity of particularly users.  Our tests have shown the support staff to be knowledgeable and responsive to all questions.  Hide My Ass also maintains a comprehensive forum where most common questions have been answered.  Hide My Ass staff monitor the forum and provide expert answers.

One of the best features of HMA is the 30 day money back guarantee.  Money back guarantees are offered by most of the best VPN providers.  The length of the HMA money back guarantee is, however, unusual.  It is a testament to how strongly they stand behind their service.

Why Use a VPN?

Most people subscribe to VPN services to increase privacy and security.  Another large group of subscribers use VPN’s to access content that is geographically restricted (Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go) or unavailable as the result of censorship (Iran, China, etc).

VPN’s increase privacy because the user’s original IP address assigned by their Internet service provider is replaced with one owned by the VPN provider.  This is useful to avoid marketing, prevent leaving an easily identifiable trail on the web, and to mask torrent / P2P activities.  This latter reason can be a sticky issue.  A lot of VPN services state that illegal torrent usage is restricted as part of their terms.  Hide My Ass allows using the service for torrents outside the reach of DMCA regulations, such as Russia.

Services, like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, are geographically restricted because of the complex legal agreements these companies must enter to gain access to the content they provide.  Otherwise, they would prefer to have the global customer base VPN’s allow.  This makes these companies unlikely to block IP addresses from VPN services unless the media moguls force them to do so.  Even then, new IP addresses are added frequently enough that this would be a costly and time consuming cat and mouse game.

Many countries in the Middle East and Asia censor the Internet for their citizens.  They tend to block adult content and social media websites.  In short, they block a lot of what makes the web fun.  Using a VPN can bypass these firewalls and make these websites accessible.

The security features offered by VPN providers are very important to people who frequently use open wireless networks.  These networks put the users’ activities, including login credentials at risk.  Therefore, it is important to use a VPN when using an unsecured WiFi Network.


Hide My ass offers steep discounts for signing up for longer period of time.

  • 1 Month – $11.52
  • 6 Months – $50.66
  • 12 Months – $78.66

As you can see, it makes clear financial sense to buy a longer term if you are comfortable with the service.


HMA is the best and popular VPN service in the world for good reason.  The price is right and the quality of service is superior.  If users find the service doesn’t fit their exact needs, they can always take advantage of the generous 30 day money back guarantee.

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